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Psoriasis: Every-Day Skin Care

Skin Cleansers For Different Skin Types

Oily Skin: The selection of cleansers for oily skin should involve using products that rinse off well, both bar soaps and liquid cleansers have been formulated for this purpose...
Dry Skin: The use of hard-milled face soaps and gentle synthetic detergents are very appropriate for dry skin. It may be necessary to only use cleansers on the face and body folds, when the ambient humidity is low for example..
Normal Skin: Most people can cleanse with bar soap daily. The synthetic detergent soaps react better with hard water. Liquid cleansers and soap gels are popular at...   Read more >>


Sun avoidance and regular sunscreen use are widely promoted by organizations and individuals interested in cancer prevention. However, 70% of those who participated in a beach survey were on the beach to get or to maintain a suntan. Although they stayed on the beach for an average of 4 hours, only half were using sunscreen. On the mountains, and despite past sunburn experience...   Read more >>


Because there are very few sebaceous (oil) glands on the arms and legs, moisturizers are very important. Winter, dry climates and windy climates are very hard on the skin of the body. Many body lotions incorporate sunblocks for a daily routine, this is very important for sun exposed skin...   Read more >>