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Is the sun good for psoriasis?
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Is the Sun Good for Psoriasis?

For most people with psoriasis, summer can be a mixed blessing. On one hand, the great majority of people with psoriasis show significant improvement during the summer months due to increased sun exposure. On the other hand, many people dread the idea of exposing their skin to the public as shorter sleeves are often called for with the rising heat.

Enjoy some sunlight

There is plenty of evidence that suggests that sunlight is, in fact, good for psoriasis. Many treatments for psoriasis are based on this finding. It is thought that UV light suppresses the skin's replication and shedding which is overactive in those with psoriasis. If you feel uncomfortable exposing your skin to the public, sunbathing in your own yard for short periods of time can make a significant difference in many cases. It is just as important, however, that you protect your skin properly. You should never stay in the sun for so long that you get a sunburn, and the areas of the skin that are unaffected by psoriasis should be covered with sunscreen.

Wear comfortable clothing

Tight clothing is an irritant for most people, but particularly so for those with a skin condition such as psoriasis. Wear light and loose clothing to reduce sweat and control the heat which can be oppressive if you are wearing heavy clothing. Sweating and heat can combine to make the skin itchy, which can aggravate existing psoriasis. The extra comfort can help add confidence too, which is always important.


Moisturizing is critical to managing psoriasis. Moisturizers need to be used constantly to control drying in psoriatic skin, and to slough off the excess skin. The summer heat can easily drain the body out of moisture, and it's doubly important to moisturize your skin. Regular moisturizing coupled with controlled sun exposure should keep most cases of psoriasis flares at bay.